Our History

Beginning in 1977 Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation has strived to become Houston’s premier window cleaning service company. Through our 45+ years of service we are extremely proud of our outstanding partnerships with our clients, our teams dedication to their craft and our rigorous safety initiatives which are key to delivering quality results on time and safely. This level of dedication combined with experience, provides out customers with the utmost confidence in our abilities to get the job done right.

Our Core Values

Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation combines decades of experience servicing commercial, educational, and governmental buildings window cleaning maintenance and restoration, pressure washing and roof safety systems. Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation believes that all buildings should be able to get the maintenance that they need, at the right price and without risking liability.

Safety & Compliance

Martin’s Window Cleaning uses a one-of-a-kind approach to ensuring all contractors go through rigorous classroom and real-world training to maintain safety at all times. With experience sitting on code compliance and safety committees, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation understands the nuances and is certain to minimize risks and get the job finished right the first time

Careers at Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation

We are always looking for self-motivated individuals desiring a fast-paced career. Contact our office at 713-956-0112