Martin’s Team

Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. (MWCC) began high-rise window cleaning operations in 1975. Over the years, services have expanded to include new construction clean-ups, pressure cleaning, caulking, sealing, glass restoration, and other related building services.

Through out the years, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. has assumed a leadership role in the window cleaning industry. Internationally, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. serves on the board of directors of the International Window Cleaning Association. Nationally, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. is a member of the ANSI A 120 and a founding member on the ASME A41 Committee and ANSI IWCA I14 Committee. Our Safety Director participates on both committees which are engaged in promulgating National Consensus Standards for the window cleaning industry. Locally, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. works closely with IREM’s Legislative Committee and BOMA’s Government Affairs Committee as an advocate for improved safety in the window cleaning industry.

Theresa Martin, Dana Taylor & Cassy Huffman

MWCC has the experience, management team, supervision, and professional, skilled employees to safely and efficiently execute all building services offered. Our six million dollar ($6,000,000.00) insurance coverage and outstanding safety record are evidence of our dedication to protecting your property and the health and safety of the public and our employees. But our SERVICE is the thread that weaves through our entire operation to produce excellence.

Tara Smarr, President

Tara Smarr joined Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp (MWCC) in 1991. She received her bachelor’s degree in 1999 from the University of Houston. Her dedication and leadership skills led to quick advancement and in 2010 Tara was elected President of MWCC.

Tara has completed the International Window Cleaning Association’s (IWCA) Safety and Training Program, attends IWCA board meetings and seminars. Tara continues to stay abreast of industry safety standards as she attends meetings of the ANSI 1-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard Committee and OSHA hearings.

Theresa Martin, CFO

Founder and CFO of Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation (MWCC), Ms. Martin has been an advocate for window cleaning safety for 35 years. Ms. Martin is a member of the ANSI I 14.01-2001 Window Cleaning Safety Standard Committee which developed and published the first General Industry Safety Standard for Window Cleaning.

In 1995, Ms. Martin represented BOMA International and Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation in an appeal of the ASME A-39 Standard’s negative position on Rope Descending Equipment used in window cleaning. Ms. Martin’s appeal persuaded the Board of Safety Codes and Standards to act in favor of BOMA and MWCC to withdraw the ASME A-39 from print and to disband the writing committee. This was a giant step for safety in the window cleaning industry.

Ms. Martin has served on the Board of Directors of the International Window Cleaning Association(IWCA) for many years, serving on the IWCA’s Executive Committee, and as chairman of the High Rise Counsel and the Membership Committee.  She was instrumental in the development of the new Designation CBME Certified Building Maintenance Executives.

Ms. Martin has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, the Independent Business Magazine, and featured in the Houston Business Journal as one of the Top 20 Women Owned Business in Houston

In 2003, the IWCA presented Ms Martin with the ETTORE Award, in recognition for unselfish support and devotion to the International Window Cleaning Association.

In 2010, Ms. Martin received the most prestigious award given in the window cleaning industry, the Lifetime Achievement Award. She was honored for her dedication to the IWCA and her promotion of safety in the window cleaning industry.

Dana Taylor, Executive Vice President

A native Houstonian, Dana became Office Manager at Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation in June of 1989. Her natural enthusiasm, effervescence, and professional integrity quickly propelled her to her current position as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation.

For the last twenty years, Dana has been extremely involved in the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA), the Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), and the Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM). She has a Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) certification.  Dana was elected President of the IWCA and received their prestigious Ettore Award. For her continued service to Houston BOMA she was presented with the Member of the Year award.

Cassandra Huffman, Safety Director

Born in Bryan, Texas and raised in Houston, Tripoli, Libya, and Madrid, Spain, Ms. Huffman was educated in the Spring Branch School District as well as abroad and is married and the mother of four children.  Ms. Huffman became the office manager at Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. (MWCC) in June 1991, learning the window cleaning business from the ground up. 

A genuine commitment to create an atmosphere where all employees actively care for each other and a desire to maintain an ongoing  incident/injury free environment is a vision that is shared by all employees of MWCC and lead to Ms. Huffman’s appointment as Safety Director.  This vision requires continuous training, the willingness and ability to be coached, and the courage to take the risk of making what others say is impossible, a reality. In preparation for her new position, Ms. Huffman completed the following training:

  • The Scaffold Industry Associations Safety Program for Suspended Scaffolds-Certificate #1740-1/98.
  • Purdue University Caluments Scaffold Erection and Safety Course-Certificate awarded for 40 contact hours-3/98.
  • A 10-hour Occupation Safety & health Training Course in Construction Safety & Health-10/21/98.
  • The Scaffold Industry Associations (SIA) Competent Person Seminar -5/14/98.
  • Sky Climber Operator Training course-Certificate #3039-12/98.
  • Horizon High Reachs: The Safe and Efficient Operation of Boom Supported Aerial Work Platforms-2/99.
  • The International Window Cleaning Association’s Operations Safety & Low Rise Equipment Safety Program at the 1998 and 1999 Annual Conventions.
  • The International Window Cleaning Association’s Suspended Equipment & Accident Analysis Safety Program in San Antonio, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.
  • SIA’s Scaffold User Hazard Awareness Course taken at the 1999 SIA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • SIA’s Suspended Scaffolds Seminar- 1999 SIA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • In October, 2002, Ms. Huffman and all her Crew Supervisors and crew members completed the International Window Cleaning Association’s Regional Safety and Training Seminar held in Houston, TX.
  • OSHA Train – The – Trainer Course-February 27, 2009

Ms. Huffman completed the IWCA Certification Course as a High Rise Specialist in the window cleaning industry and received her certificate in February 2010.Ms. Huffman’s field experience in rigging techniques includes attending PMI/Petzle’s Rope and Rescue Clinics in Lafayette, Georgia (1996) and Donner Pass, California (1997) and inspections of on-site rigging/scaffolding in the Los Angeles area (1998) under the supervision of Harold Giddish, President of the Scaffold Industry Association and chief instructor of the SIAs Suspended Scaffold Course.

Ms. Huffman is an active member of the International Window Cleaning Association, traveling across the USA to attend annual conventions, board meetings, and safety committee meetings.

Ms. Huffman, representing Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp., is a founding member of the ANSI/IWCA I 14.01-2001 Window Cleaning Safety Standard Committee, contributing to the writing of the newest industry safety standard.

Ms. Huffman is also a member of the ASME A.120.1 Committee on Safety Requirements for Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance. She attends these meetings to keep abreast of, and contribute to, amendments and addendums to these standards and their affect on the window cleaning industry as a whole, as well as its application to the real estate industry. 

As the Safety Director for Martins Window Cleaning Corporation, my responsibility is to stay abreast of all applicable federal, state, and local codes, regulations, and standards as they apply to window cleaning, transfer that information through our safety and training program to our employees, insure that all applicable codes, regulations, and standards are being applied on every job site through periodic inspections, and assure our customers through written and verbal communications that our operations are in compliance.  It is the goal of Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp. to partner with our customers to provide sound, identified, certified roof anchors on every job site.

~Cassandra Huffman, Safety Director, Martin’s Window Cleaning Corp.~

Martin Esqueda, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Esqueda began his career in window cleaning in 1981. His hard work, loyalty and fairness served to promote him to foreman and later to his current position as Vice President of Operations with Martin’s Window Cleaning Corporation.

In 1994, Mr. Esqueda attended the International Window Cleaning Association’s (IWCA)convention and completed the two-day Window Cleaning Safety Training Program. He participated in the PMI-Petzel’s Rope and Rescue Clinic at Donner Pass, Nevada in 1997. 

In October of 2002, Mr. Esqueda, his crew supervisors, and all his window cleaners attended the bi-lingual Window Cleaning Safety Training Program held in Houston, Texas. 

Mr. Esqueda requires continued education for all of his crew supervisors and window cleaners encouraging them to stay abreast of new technology as well as the latest Codes and Standards. He assisted his 8 crew supervisors in their two year on-the-job training program required by the IWCA to achieve the required hours to be a Certified High-Rise Window Cleaner.

Mr. Esqueda was recognized by the IWCA with the prestigious Window Cleaner of the Year Award for his commitment to the safety and training of his employees and for outstanding customer satisfaction.

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