Cleaning Windows in Houston, TX

Tara Smarr is the spokesperson for and leader of Martin's Window Cleaning, where every day she works to ensure that her customers' windows are squeaky clean, and that her workers' safety is absolutely certain. In the following articles, Smarr explains in exciting detail how employee security is one of her company's top priorities.

Can Cloudy Windows Still Be Cleaned?

In Houston, minerals in the water cloud up windows extra fast. But if the right call is made ahead of time, that cloudiness can be scrubbed away.

Cleaning Windows When the Sun is Fierce

It gets pretty hot in Houston, but windows still need cleaning in hot weather as in cold. Here's how Smarr's team gets the job done even when the sun is pounding the city with heat.

Establishing Safety Measures for Window Cleaners in Houston

When buildings aren't secure enough, Smarr refuses to send her men up hundreds of feet to wash windows. In this article, Smarr explains her reasoning, and how she decides the parameters of adequate job-site safety.